Getting Started

Review the Bella FSM quick start guide.

Creating Jobs, Estimates, Work Order, and Invoices

Create a new Job in one of the following ways: Click the left side menu “New Job” in the My Home, Jobs, or Scheduling tab. Click the left side menu “New Job” on the Customer page (click on the Customer ID or Customer Name in the Customer List to open the Customer page). Double click an […]

How do I upload my own logo image?

Uploading your own logo is very easy. The logo will display on the Estimate, Work Order, and Invoice PDF’s. All image formats are accepted except TIFF. Important: The logo image size must not exceed 785px by 785px. If it exceeds this size it will not display. Edit the logo image with any photo editor and […]

Quickstart Setup

A Few Key Points Before We Get Started: Tabs are the main menus listed along the top of the page. My Home, Customers, Jobs, etc… The menus down the left side of the page give you access to all features and will change depending on which tab you are in. Estimates, Work Orders, and Invoices […]

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