General Settings for Bella FSM

Uploading File Attachments

Easily upload file attachments to customer records, jobs, employees, vendors, and more. Any time you see the ‘Add Notes and/or Attachments’ button at the bottom of the page you can upload a file attachment to that record. When you click the Add Notes and/or Attachments button you have the option to enter a note and […]

What are Tasks

Tasks are a simple way to assign and track duties. If a Task is assigned to a User it will be displayed in their ‘Personal Dashboard’ until marked complete. A Task may be associated to a job, customer, or a general task to be performed. View the Task List by clicking the left side menu […]

Updating your Credit Card

We certainly understand credit cards get lost, stolen, or expire. Quickly and securely update or change the credit card for your account by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner then selecting ‘Subscription’ as shown here:

Inactive Account

Your account may be inactive or suspended for multiple reasons. Whatever the issue, we’ll help you get it activated again! Here are two possibilities with solutions: Expired Free Trial – if you see the free trial expired message shown below, complete the Convert Free Trial form you were automatically taken to and submit.  Expired or […]

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