Review system settings for Bella FSM service software including time zone, currency, date format and more.

Internet Browser Recommendations

Bella FSM is OS (Operating System) independent which means the software will run on Windows, Apple, MAC, and all smartphones and tablets. For optimum performance we recommend the following browsers: Microsoft Windows users The most recent version of Chrome The most recent version of Firefox Apple users The most recent version of Safari We do […]

System Email Settings

By default, Bella FSM will use the email address of the users Employee or Vendor profile as the ‘From’ email address and the first and last name as the email ‘Display Name’ when sending emails. If there is not an email in the users profile then the From address will be If you have […]

Default Email Subject and Body Settings

Bella FSM gives you the option to set a default email subject and body when sending emails from the system. This will save you a tremendous amount of time if you plan to send email alerts for work order, estimates, quotes, and invoices. To select the default settings click the ‘Admin’ tab and scroll down […]

System Settings

Bella FSM has several System Settings. The settings are optional and already set to the defaults when you first create your account, however, we suggest reviewing the options. Click on the ‘Admin’ tab and scroll down on the Settings page to the ‘System Settings’ section:   Time Zone – select your timezone in the drop […]

How do I update my credit card?

We certainly understand that credit cards occasionally get lost, stolen, or expire. You can quickly and securely update or change the credit card you have on file with us for your monthly subscription fee by clicking this link Click Here Or, if you are logged into Bella FSM you can also update or change the […]

Company Profile Settings

Update your Company Profile in the Admin tab. Your Company Profile will display on Estimates, Work Orders, and Invoice PDF. Step 1) Click on the Admin tab:     Step 2) Click the left side menu Settings (this is the default menu selection when you click on the Admin tab):     Step 3) Enter […]

Why is my account inactive?

Your account may be inactive or suspended for several reasons. Whatever the reason, we’ll help you get it activated again! Here are the three possibilities with solutions: Expired Free Trial – if you see the free trial expired message then click the yellow ‘Convert Trial’ button in the upper right corner and follow the steps. […]

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