Review settings including time zone, currency, date format and more.

Company Email Settings

If your Bella FSM account has multiple Users and you would like a group of users to send emails from the same email address, the Company Email feature can be used. For example, all Users on your support team send emails from your company support email address. To set up the Company Email feature follow […]

User Email Settings

You have the option to send customers and field resources email alerts for jobs, work orders, estimates, and invoices. By default, when sending an email the ‘From’ address will be If you prefer email alerts come from your email address, you must connect your email account using SMTP. Don’t worry, this sounds technical but […]

Default Email Subject and Body Settings

You have the option to set a default email subject and body when sending emails. This will save you a tremendous amount of time if you plan to send email alerts for jobs, work order, estimates, and invoices. To select the default settings follow these steps: Step 1) Click the gear icon in the upper […]

Account Settings

Your account has several settings. Default settings where applied when your account was created. These settings are global and apply to all Users. To view or modify the account settings click on the gear icon in the upper right corner then select Account Settings: General Settings Time Zone: Setting your time zone is not required. […]

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