How do I Create a New Job?

Click any of the ‘Create a new Job’ left side menus located in the Home, Customers, Jobs, and Scheduling tabs. This menu will open the New Job page which allows you to select a customer, enter Job Details, Appointment details, and Job Items. The only required field is Job Name and Job ID. You may enter a date and time for an appointment by clicking the small calendar image or use the Scheduling Wizard button to view Field Resources availability or an open date and time. The default Job Status is ‘Work Order’. The Job Status is used to track the status of each Job.

You can also click on an open time slot in the calendar. The New Job page will open and auto-populate the date and time fields in the appointment section. You may change the date and time if needed.

What are Work Types?

Create and assign Work Types (skill sets) to a Field Resource such as technicians and sales reps
Create as many Work Types as needed in the ‘Admin’ tab left side menu ‘Work type’
Example Work Types are:
specific expertise
sales or service
geographical territory
Assign one or more Work Types to a Field Resource
When scheduling a Job you have the option to select one or more Work Types and only the corresponding Field Resource(s) are available to be assigned
Items (labor, materials, parts, etc…) may also be assigned Work Types
If Work Types are selected for a Job the Item list will only display the corresponding Items which may be added to the Job

Can I set up a Service or Maintenance Contract?

Create a custom “Job Status” in the Admin tab such as “Contract”, “Maintenance Contract”, “Service Contract”, etc…
Create a new Job and assign the Job Status. The Job List can be sorted by Job Status for easy tracking.
Select the “Recurring” appointment option for the Job and set the frequency to match the Contract.
If the Contract does not have a set frequency you can still create a Recurring appointment as a reminder for future service. Recurring appointment occurrences may be modified at any time when the service appointment is determined with your Customer.
You can attach a signed Contract to the Job for easy access at any time. Job attachments can be added at the bottom of the Job page by clicking “Add Note and/or Attachment”.

How do I run Reports?

All lists have Reporting including the Customer List, Job List, Transaction List, etc…
The Report buttons are located at the top right of each list. (the buttons will not appear if the list is empty)
There are four Report formats: CSV, Excel, PDF, and HTML.
Click on one of the Report format icons to open the data field export options.
Select each data fields to include in the Report then click “Export”.

How do I create a custom Price List for a Customer?

Every time you create a job for a customer, a Price Level column will display in the Job Item List. You have the option to change the Price Level for each individual Job Item.

To create a custom Price List for a Customer follow the steps below:

  • Enter the Customer name for the Price Level ‘Name’
  • Select ‘Per Item’ as the type
  • You have the option to modify each Item price for this Price Level
  • Save the Price Level
  • Repeat 1 – 5 to create a Price Level for each Customer that you want a custom Price List
  • In the Customer tab open the Edit Customer page for a Customer
  • Select the Price Level for that Customer in the drop down in the ‘Financial Details’ section towards the bottom of the page
  • Save the Customer
How do I create an Invoice?

To create an invoice open the Job page and click the “Create Invoice” button in the Job Item section of the Job page. The Create Invoice button is also located at the top and bottom of the Job page. Confirm the invoice details. Check each Job Item to be invoiced. To create a partial invoice only check the desired Job Items to be invoiced. You may invoice the remaining Job Items at another time. Confirm all invoice information and click “Save”.

To generate the Invoice PDF document click “Invoice PDF”. The invoice PDF may be saved to your computer, printed, emailed, or faxed. The invoice is also accessible by clicking “PDF” in the Invoice List in the Accounting tab.
To edit an invoice click on the Invoice Total or Invoice Number in the Invoice List in the Accounting tab. You can also view the invoice transaction in the Customer or Job Transaction List by clicking the left side menu “Customer Transactions” or “Job Transactions”. Click on the TX ID to edit.
To enter a payment for the invoice click the “Enter Deposit/Payment” button in Job Item section on the Job page.
You may also enter a payment in the Accounting tab left side menu “New Transaction” and select “Receive Payment” as the type. transaction in the Accounting tab or click “Payment” in the Invoice List in the Accounting tab.
To mark the invoice paid check the “Paid” check box when entering the payment transaction.

How do I Schedule a Work Order?

Create a new Job and set the Job Status to “Work Order”. Enter all of the Job information, appointment details, and Items. The Work Order PDF can be generated by clicking “Work Order PDF” at the top or bottom of the Job page. If you have the eSignature feature the eSignature button will display giving you the option to capture your customers signature on the Work Order.

The Work Order PDF may also be opened by clicking “PDF” in the Job “Appointment List”.

If a Job with status of Estimate was previously created and you have won the business, create a Work Order by simply updating the Job Status to “Work Order” and updating any other Job information as needed.

How do I Create an Estimate / Proposal / Quote?

Create an Estimate (Proposal) by first creating a new Job.
Select the Customer, set the Job Status to “Estimate”, enter the Job information, and select the quantities of each Job Item for the Estimate.
Click the “Create Estimate” in the Job Items section (also located at the top and bottom of the Job page).

The Estimate page will open and the Job information and Items will populate from the Job page. Confirm the Estimate details and “Save”. The “Estimate PDF” button will display after you save. Click Estimate PDF to generate the PDF which may be saved to your computer, printed, emailed, and faxed. If you have the eSignature option you will see the eSignature button.

The Job Items may be modified and a new Estimate created at anytime. To add more Job Items return to the Job page and click the “Add Job Items” button in the Job Items section. To edit a Job Item click the Item Name and you may modify the quantity, price, or completion date of the Job Item.

What is the Difference Between a User and Employee?

A ‘user’ is someone who is assigned a username to be able to log into the software. You can assign a username to an employee or vendor.

The monthly subscription for Bella FSM is based on the number of users, not employees or vendors. For example, you can only pay for two users but have 25 technicians that you are scheduling.

There are two user types, ‘Admin’ and ‘Standard’. An Admin user is able to set access levels for ‘Standard’ users and provide them with a username and password. A Standard user can be an employee or vendor (subcontractor) such as an outside accountant, subcontractor, or call center.

How do I Schedule Multiple Appointments for a Job?

If multiple appointments are needed to complete a Job, select the “Add Appointment” left side menu on the Edit Job page. To view the Edit Job page from the My Home page, click on the Job ID or Job Name in the My Jobs list, enter the Job ID in the Quick View, or click on the Job Appointment in the Calendar.

How do I Schedule Recurring Appointments?

To set up a recurring appointment for a job, open the job by clicking on the Job ID or Job Name in the ‘Jobs’ tab. Select the ‘Recurring’ checkbox in the Appointment Details section of the job page. Select the recurring frequency options. The options are similar to most standard calendars such as Microsoft Outlook.

Recurring Appointments

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