How do I Create an Estimate / Proposal / Quote?

Create an Estimate (Proposal) by first creating a new Job.
Select the Customer, set the Job Status to “Estimate”, enter the Job information, and select the quantities of each Job Item for the Estimate.
Click the “Create Estimate” in the Job Items section (also located at the top and bottom of the Job page).

The Estimate page will open and the Job information and Items will populate from the Job page. Confirm the Estimate details and “Save”. The “Estimate PDF” button will display after you save. Click Estimate PDF to generate the PDF which may be saved to your computer, printed, emailed, and faxed. If you have the eSignature option you will see the eSignature button.

The Job Items may be modified and a new Estimate created at anytime. To add more Job Items return to the Job page and click the “Add Job Items” button in the Job Items section. To edit a Job Item click the Item Name and you may modify the quantity, price, or completion date of the Job Item.

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