How do I create an Invoice?

To create an invoice open the Job page and click the “Create Invoice” button in the Job Item section of the Job page. The Create Invoice button is also located at the top and bottom of the Job page. Confirm the invoice details. Check each Job Item to be invoiced. To create a partial invoice only check the desired Job Items to be invoiced. You may invoice the remaining Job Items at another time. Confirm all invoice information and click “Save”.

To generate the Invoice PDF document click “Invoice PDF”. The invoice PDF may be saved to your computer, printed, emailed, or faxed. The invoice is also accessible by clicking “PDF” in the Invoice List in the Accounting tab.
To edit an invoice click on the Invoice Total or Invoice Number in the Invoice List in the Accounting tab. You can also view the invoice transaction in the Customer or Job Transaction List by clicking the left side menu “Customer Transactions” or “Job Transactions”. Click on the TX ID to edit.
To enter a payment for the invoice click the “Enter Deposit/Payment” button in Job Item section on the Job page.
You may also enter a payment in the Accounting tab left side menu “New Transaction” and select “Receive Payment” as the type. transaction in the Accounting tab or click “Payment” in the Invoice List in the Accounting tab.
To mark the invoice paid check the “Paid” check box when entering the payment transaction.

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